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Song Analysis – Wie analysiere ich Lieder?


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Song Analysis – Wie analysiere ich Lieder?
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In this video I will guide you through a structured song analysis. For each point that we look at and focus on there are several example phrases and sentences for you to use and adapt in your own analysis. In order to give you a clearer idea of how it works I also show you examples from an analysis of the song 'Greensleeves', which you should listen to online before watching this film. Warning: the video is in English, so have your dictionary ready! Have fun!

Transkript Song Analysis – Wie analysiere ich Lieder?

Hi, my name ist Camilla and I come from England. OH, Listen! Can you hear that music? Welcome to the Video for song analysis. This video will  only be in english so have your dictionaries ready in case you need to look up any words. In this video I'm going to give you a structure of how to analyse a song and for each focus point I will give you some examples sentences, phrases that you can use in your own analysis. Then for each focus point I will give you a concrete example. Looking at "Greensleeves" written by an anonymous person in around 1500. I won't play this song now. But if you look on the internet it is very easy to find. A couple of tips before we start. When you analyse a song it's very important to listen to the song a few times not turnly ones. Also remember to read the lyrics. Alright, let's start. So when analysing a song first thing you could look at is the structure. you can write something like this: the song deals with or  is about or discribes. The event which the song describes takes place in / on / at. The song is adressed to or written for. For example we look at the "Greensleeves". "Greensleeves" is adressed to an unknown lady. The song is about a man who the lady has rejected. He is the speaker in the song and is asking the lady to love him again. Next you could look at the presentation of the song. For example the song can be divides into.. parts. The first part describes or is about... The song becomes  increasingly joyful / melancholy. The song moves towards a climax. the song creates a mood/ atmosphere. And now to look at "Greensleeves". In "Greensleeves" the chorus is repeated often and reminds the listener of how much the speaker adores the lady. The song creates a sad atmosphere, but towards the end the mood becomes hopeful. Now it would be a good idea to look a bit deeper into the song and to consider the songwriters attitude. So what he wanted to achive and what is expressed in the song. You could use something like the following. The songwriters attitude towards the song is...The songwriter wants to express... The songwriter uses an image or a metapher in line... to  show...With that "Greensleeves" example we don't know who the songwriter is but we can still make a few assumptions. The songwriter uses the metapher of being in captivity to describe the hopelessness he feels. The songwriter wants to express the speaker's melancholy, which is echoed in the sad melody. We can now look at the affect the performance has. For example the rythm is fast/slow/lively/monotonous. the singers voice is high / deep or rough and it's underline the mood of the song.  The structure is regular/ repetetive/ unusual. The use of intruments is powerful because...So with "Greensleeves" the rythm is slow and creates a thoughtful, sad atmosphere. The regular structure emphasises the speakers feeling of being "in captivity". And now it would be wise to consider the message of the song. The song wants to express/ express / protest against/ ask for / persuade the listener to...The message of the song seems to be...The song has a hidden message, which is...For example the song "Greensleeves" wants to express ome man's loss and his sorrow. Last but not least it's important to make your own opinion. What did you think of the song? You could say something like: In my opinion the song is... The song had the effect of making me feel... I felt that...And to look at "Greensleeves". In ly opinion "Greensleves" is a sad but beautiful song. I felt that the melody was particularly haunting.  Great! Made it through to the end and if you follow the structure you should be able to produce a successful song analysis. I hope you found it helpful and I see you again soon. Bye!    

3 Kommentare

3 Kommentare
  1. sollte es nicht auf deutsch sein

    Von Maria Ellenrieder, vor mehr als 2 Jahren
  2. Hallo Ursusglinski,
    das hier ist ein Video zur Textanalyse: http://www.sofatutor.com/englisch/videos/text-analysis-checkliste?topic=1346, aber ich glaube das hast du auch schon gefunden. Wir haben sonst nur noch Videos zu speziellen Analyseformen, wie einer Charakterisierung z.B..
    Viele Grüße aus der Redaktion.

    Von Alexandra P., vor fast 7 Jahren
  3. I was searching for a video: analysis of a text / part of a text. Only found that and it was helpful. But could anybody explain how to write an analysis of an article? Or specificly the word decision in some lines of the article please? :)

    Von Juliane G., vor fast 7 Jahren
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