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Linking Words: cause, reference, opinion, acknowledgement, contrast, conclusion 06:49 min

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Transkript Linking Words: cause, reference, opinion, acknowledgement, contrast, conclusion

Hello! My name ist Camilla and I come from England. Heute werden wir weiter über Bindewörter lernen. Also, Link words (part two). I hope your excited? Die Kategorien sind: cause (Grund oder Ursache), reference (Bezugname), opinion (Meinung), acknowledgement (Zugeständnis); contrast ( Gegensatz)  and conclusion (Schlußfolgerung). Also, fangen wir bei "cause" (Grund) an. as/since/because The novel was so successful because of its fantastical narrative. for She loved him, for he was the only man who understood her. on account of / because of On account of its heretical content, the novel was banned for many years. "heretical" heißt "ketzerisch". owing to

Owing to the large amount of the difficult words, many pupils dont like to read Shakespeare.

thanks to

Thanks to the author's autobiography, we know what life was like when he was writing.

Die nächste Kategorie ist "reference".

concerning / relating to

Relating to his earlier work, his use of allegory was not so strong.

regarding /  as regards to

Regarding to use imagery, I find that...

pertaining to

The questions pertaining to literature analysis are difficult to answer.

as far as ... is concerned

As far as poetry is concerned, I am not interested!

Jetzt machen wir weiter mit "opinion" (Meinung).

in my opinion / to my mind

In my opinion all school pupils schould read "The Guardian" newspaper.

as far as I am concerned

As far as I am concerned, Salman Rushdies's exile provided him with a lot of publicity.


Personally, I believe man never set foot on the moon.

I am of the opinion that

I am of the opinion, that the language in "The Satanic Verses" is the novel's strongest appeal.

Jetzt haben wir "acknowledgement" (Zugeständnis).

nevertheless / nonetheless

The text is long and heavy, but nonetheless an exciting read.

of course

Of course, the text is a classic, but that does not mean it is good!

after all

The protagonist is after all doomed from the start.

"to be doom" heißt "zum Scheitern verurteilt sein".


The protagonist ist cold and unfriendly, but still, she has a good heart. all / just the same

All the same, he convinces us of the innocence by the end of the novel.

"innocence" heißt "Schuldlosigkeit".

maybe or perhaps

The reader is given hope that maybe they will not commit suicide.


I did not like the protagonist, however kind he appears to be.

Jetzt kommt die Kategorie "contrast" (Gegensatz).


He was in a prison cell, but in his mind he was free.

despite / inspite of

Despite Murakami's language being very minimalistic, his imagery is extremely detailed.


Unlike most authors of her time, he was not affraid to say what she thought.

by contrast

If we consider his later works, his first novel was boring by contrast.

in contrast to

In contrast to his love for women, Mark had little respect for friends and collegues.

whereas / while or on the other hand

The novel had a big impact, whereas its style is quite weak.

on the contrary

Her character is not pleasant, on the contrary, she is mean to everyone she meets.


The text does, however, still reach an enjoyable conclusion.

even so

Keats died very young. Even so, he produced many delightfull works.

"delightfull" heißt "reizend" oder "sehr angenehm".

Und die letzte Kategorie ist "conclusion" (Schlußfolgerung).

consequently or therefore or as a result

He committed suicide and, as a result, became famous!

accordingly or for that reason

We have reached the end of the video and accordingly I am going to cheer.

 Also, ich hoffe dass du deinen Wortschatz ein bisschen erweitern konntest und dass du jetzt so eine lange  Liste hast mit neuen Wörtern. Viel Spass damit und bis zum nächsten Mal!        

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