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Native Americans 05:31 min

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Transkript Native Americans

We are Native Americans. We are the first inhabitants of the United States.

I am going to tell you the story of a brave young woman from my tribe a long, long time ago in the Wild West. European settlers are taking more and more of our Native American land. Before these settlers arrived the whole land belonged to Native American tribes, now the settlers want to take the best land and build their farms on it. They employ cowboys to work on the farms and make lots of money. Of course we try to fight them and protect our territory, but many of us have been killed and much of our land has been taken away from us. In 1840 the settlers built the first railroad to transport people and goods across the country. More land is taken away from the Native Americans. Let’s go forward to the year 1842...

Our tribe is having a pow-wow with another tribe. They are talking about the situation. They have heard that the settlers want to continue building the railroad and take away their land.

We are losing our home, our beautiful land and nature. We have to fight! They call us ‘Indians’ and have no respect for our culture! Brother, we cannot fight any more. The settlers will kill us all. We have to leave our home before the Iron Horse destroys us all… The Iron Horse was our Native American name for the train travelling along the new railroad. Because it was made out of iron and looked very frightening to them, they called it the Iron Horse. The settlers say that there is treasure, gold at the end of the railroad. They want to travel with the Iron Horse to find the gold and become rich from our land. They are bad people! What are we going to do? Look! Here is a young woman. Her name is Wauna which means strong. Wauna heard the men talking and was very angry. How could these settlers take her tribe’s land and kill her people? She must save the tribe!

The settlers really want to have gold and become rich. Perhaps if she can get some of this gold and give it to them, make them rich, they will leave her family alone. Wauna knows where to find the Iron Horse. She has seen it in the distance. She runs to the railroad. Wauna hides in the grass and waits. Suddenly, she hears a great noise and sees the enormous moving Iron Horse. She is afraid. But she must be brave. She must ride on this Iron Horse. She must find gold and save her tribe. So she climbs onto the roof of the train. The Iron Horse arrives in the town.

Wauna walks down the street. She sees saloons, stores, banks, with people everywhere. Everyone has come to this town to find gold and become rich. She sees cowboys from the farms going into the saloons to drink. She walks into a saloon: “Get out of here you stupid Indian!” shouts the man at the bar. Outside she sees some men are drunk and fighting, pointing their pistols at each other. This is a crazy place, she thinks! This gold makes people bad. Then she sees some men running down the street on horses with their pistols in the air. Outlaws. Wauna has heard about them. They are bad men who rob trains and banks. The men stop their horses and run into the bank with their pistols. “Give us gold or we will kill you!” they shout. The man in the bank is very scared. I don’t like these European setters, but these outlaws are worse, she thinks. She starts shouting and screaming for help. “Outlaws! In the bank! Stop them!” Men from the town run into the bank and stop the outlaws. The sheriff comes in on his horse and takes the outlaws to prison.

The man in the bank says to Wauna, “Thank you, lady. You are an Indian girl, and you saved my life. Here, take this gold as a reward.” Wauna is very happy. Now she has a lot of gold. Perhaps she can save her tribe now. Wauna takes the railroad back home. When she arrives, she sees some settlers shouting and telling people to leave. They are holding a piece of paper. On the paper it says “ building permission: farm”

She runs up to the men. “Gentlemen,” she says, “I can make you very rich. But only if you promise to let us stay in our home. Destroy that piece of paper and go home. Say that you will build your settlement somewhere else. I promise you will be rich. I have been to the gold town.” The men look at each other. They don’t like Indians and they wanted to build a farm on the land but quick and easy money is more important. “Show us the gold.” they say. Wauna takes the gold bar and holds it out in front of her. “Wow! That’s a big bar of gold! That will make us very rich!” “Destroy that paper and it will be yours!” says Wauna. The men tear up the piece of piece. Wauna gives them the bar of gold. “OK. Your land is safe.” they say. The men laugh. “That stupid Indian girl has just given us so much gold! We will never have to work again! Ha ha!”

But Wauna doesn’t care. She and her tribe are happy. They are rich too. Rich without money. They can keep their land.

Thank you for watching. I hope you liked our story. Bye.

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  1. Marie

    Hallo Alexianikita31,
    vielen Dank für dein Feedback. Wir freuens uns immer über Verbesserungsvorschläge. Hast du vielleicht konkrete Tipps, was wir ändern können?
    Viele Grüße aus der Redaktion!

    Von Marie Kindler, vor 3 Monaten
  2. Default

    lel geht so

    Von Alexianikita31, vor 3 Monaten
  3. 041

    gutes Video,aber
    dies half mir nicht weiter da ich Informationen über Indianer von heute und deren Probleme brauche

    Von salih han b., vor 10 Monaten
  4. Default

    Wunderschöne Bilder, man versteht es gut, worum es geht.

    Von Dw 69, vor mehr als einem Jahr
  5. Default

    Hallo, es wäre toll wenn es ein Transkript der Hörfassung gäbe für meine hörgeschädigten Schülerinnen und Schüler.

    Von Conny 15, vor mehr als einem Jahr
  1. Alexandra

    Hallo Annatheresa97,
    das ist eine fiktive Geschichte.
    Viele Grüße aus der Redaktion!

    Von Alexandra P., vor fast 3 Jahren
  2. Default

    Ist diese Geschichte fiktiv oder tatsächlich so passiert? :)

    Von Annatheresa97, vor fast 3 Jahren
  3. Default

    sehr hilfreich

    Von Fabian V., vor etwa 3 Jahren
  4. 017

    Thank you verx much for this nice Video :)
    I think it`s not a true but a wonderful Story! <3

    Von Vauceh, vor fast 4 Jahren
  5. Gatteling

    Das Video ist sehr Toll

    Von Justin W., vor etwa 4 Jahren
  6. Johanna

    Hallo E Petychakis,
    für Latein gibt es leider noch keinen Fachchat. Du kannst den Fachchat in folgenden Fächern nutzen: Mathe, Deutsch, Englisch, Bio, Französisch, Chemie und Physik. Den Button findest du immer rechts über dem Video des jeweiligen Faches.
    Ich hoffe, ich konnte dir weiterhelfen.
    Viele Grüße aus der Redaktion!

    Von Johanna R., vor fast 5 Jahren
  7. Default

    Ja aber in Latein ist der Fach-Chat nicht recht oben wie bei deisem VIdeo!! ich war schon um 18.30 da und habe 30 min nach Fach-CHat gesucht aber den gibts nicht in Mathe?? könnt ihr das nicht mit einem "größeren Button" machen, damit man nicht so lange suchen muss? würde mich über eine antwort freuen


    Von E Petychakis, vor fast 5 Jahren
  8. Alexandra

    Hallo Melisa,
    Du kannst deine Fragen gerne unserem Fachchat stellen (Mo-Fr 17-19 Uhr)! Hier bekommst du Antworten auf deine Fragen und Informationen zu dem Thema, das du brauchst.
    Viele Grüße!

    Von Alexandra P., vor fast 5 Jahren
  9. Default

    Wo kann ich direkt die fragen stellen ??

    Von Melisa361, vor fast 5 Jahren
  10. Default

    Das hilft mir nicht weiter. Ich brauche Hilfe bei Modern native Americans und Wordwise: Odd one out

    Von Melisa361, vor fast 5 Jahren
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