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30 Tage risikofrei testen

Future Progressive and Future Perfect (Übungsvideo) 07:04 min

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Transkript Future Progressive and Future Perfect (Übungsvideo)

Hi! My name is Katty. Welcome to my English lesson. Together we will improve your knowledge about future progressive and future perfect. But first, let's revise a little. What do future progressive and future perfect mean and how and when can you use them? Schau dir diese Situation an: The students are waiting for their teacher to arrive. Half an hour from now, they will all be in the classroom and they will be learning English. Five hours from now, the classroom will be empty. The lesson will have finished. Everybody will have gone home. They will be learning English. They will be in the middle of it. Will be learning is future progressive. Everybody will have gone home. Something will already be complete before a time in the future. Will have gone is is future perfect. Now I'll give you one one more example for both types of grammar. Future progressive: This time next week, I'll be lying on the beach and drinking cocktails. Future perfect: Next year, Jack and Christina will have been married for 20 years. Now, let's have a look at how you can use this grammar actively. Look at the following situations and decide which sentence is correct. Katty always has breakfast from 9 to 10. So tomorrow at 11, she'll have finished breakfast. Or: she'll be finishing breakfast. The correct sentence is: she'll have finished breakfast. Don't phone between 8 and 9. We'll be having dinner. Or: we'll have had dinner. The correct sentence is: we'll be having dinner. Phone me after 9 o'clock. We'll have finished dinner by then. Or: we'll be finishing dinner by then. The correct sentence is: we'll hae finished dinner by then. She always has a shower from 10 to 10.30 p.m. So tonight at 10.15 she'll have had a shower. Or: she'll be having a shower. The correct sentence is: she'll be having a shower. Well done! In the next exercise complete the gaps. Again, the choice is between future progressive and future perfect. He always eats 3 rolls a day. So tomorrow by the end of the day he will have eaten 3 rolls. Every day after work he goes to the pub to play cards. So tomorrow, he will be playing cards as well. This is a very old cookery book. Next year my grandma will have had it for 50 years. I've just started a new job. Right now I only have 10 euros, but by the end of the month I will have earned a thousand. We're going to write a big test at school tomorrow, so tonight at 8 I will be studying hard. Good! Keep doing a good job! Just 2 more sentences. She became a model 4 years ago. So next year she will have been working as a model for 5 years. On Sunday I'm having a big party at my house. So on Saturday I will be baking muffins all day. Great job! If you still have any questions, you can watch the video again. Have a beautiful day. Bye!    

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  1. Vreni

    Hallo Munic,
    vielen Dank für deinen Hinweis, wir haben den Buchstabendreher nun korrigiert!
    Viele Grüße aus der Redaktion

    Von Vreni Striggow, vor 3 Tagen
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    Bei Aufgabe 3 ist "preparing" falsch geschrieben.

    Von Munic, vor 5 Tagen
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    jup klar perfekt

    Von Sofix, vor mehr als einem Jahr
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    tolles viedo schöne stimme

    Von Uta Riechert, vor mehr als 2 Jahren
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    gut gemacht verseht man viel

    Von Mondomaya, vor etwa 4 Jahren
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    Tolles Video danke!!!

    Von Luise 4, vor etwa 4 Jahren
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