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Crime – Vokabeln zu Verbrechen und Kriminalität 04:14 min

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Transkript Crime – Vokabeln zu Verbrechen und Kriminalität

Hello. My name is detective superintendent Skye Fox. "Detective superintendent" is one of the ranks in the British police services. I can help you to learn important words about crime. A crime is something illegal, something that is against the law. As a detective, it is my job to catch criminals - people who commit crimes. I usually investigate murder, that means I have to detect why and by whom somebody was killed. I have worked on many cases. Sometimes people are murdered in cold blood. For example, they are shot in the chest. A murderer is a person who killed someone. The act of killing is called "murder". When I was a police officer, I mostly dealt with robberies. We call it a robbery when somebody steals something from somebody else. The Person who steals is a "robber". There are bank robbers, diamond robbers and many more. The police tries to imprison them. They safely lock them away in prison. Even small-time criminals, people who did not kill anyone, have to sit in prison. On every case, I have to visit the crime scene. At the crime scene, I have to look for clues. Then I talk to witnesses. A witness is a person who can tell me something about the crime. It is often necessary to follow somebody. All the information I collect is called evidence. When I have evidence against somebody, this person is a suspect. To find out whether a suspect is the criminal we do a DNA test. We have to take a close look at things we have found at the crime scene and give them to a lab for testing. Once we are sure that we have found the criminal, I have to arrest her or him. That is my favourite part of the job. Let's have a look at all the words about crime! Crime - Verbrechen. Criminal - Verbrecherin. Small-time criminal - Kleinkrimineller. Crime scene - Tatort. Murderer - Mörderin. Murder - Mord. Robber - Räuberin. Robbery - Raub. Suspect - Verdächtige*r. Evidence - Beweismaterial. Prison - Gefängnis. Witness - Zeuge, Zeugin. DNA test - DNA Test, Genanalyse. Illegal - rechtswidrig, verboten. To be murdered in cold blood - kaltblütig ermordet werden. To commit crime - ein Verbrechen begehen. To investigate murder - in einem Mordfall ermitteln. To work on a case - an einem Fall arbeiten. To look for clues - nach Hinweisen suchen. To follow somebody - Jemandem folgen. to have evidence against somebody - Beweise gegen jemanden haben. To arrest somebody - jemanden verhaften. To imprison somebody - jemanden einsperren.