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Shopping – Redewendungen 04:09 min

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Transkript Shopping – Redewendungen

Alberta and Maria are on a crazy shopping-trip in New York. Wow, that is a great dress and look even better it is on sale! Yes, indeed, it is a very nice colour, it would perfectly match your green shoes. You should try it on! Good idea! Have you seen the fitting rooms anywhere? No, but there is a shop assistant. We could ask her. Excuse me please! I would like to try this dress. Could you please tell me where the fitting rooms are? Yes of course, they are on the first floor. Thank you! This dress is way too large! Maria would you mind asking the shop assistant if they have a smaller size? No worries! Excuse me please, have you got the same dress in a smaller size? Let me have a look, one moment please! I'm sorry, I am afraid, we don't have the same dress in a smaller size. But we do have a smaller size in several other colours. Thank you very much for your help! Alberta, they don't have the same dress in a smaller size. What a shame! It is such a nice dress. Do you mind if I try it on? No, not at all, go ahead! It fits perfectly! Lucky you! I might try the dress in another colour. We could get one for Alice as well, so we'll get the special three for two deal. Great idea! At the counter. How are you? Fine, thank you! How are you? Fine, thanks. Are you paying together or seperately? How much is it all together? Well, the dresses are on sale, so you only have to pay for two to get the third one for free, which would be 70 Dollars. Can I pay by credit card? No, sorry cash only. Could you please tell me where the closest ATM is? Don't worry, I can pay for it now and you pay me back later. By the way, we are getting the third dress for a friend and we are not 100% certain about her. Would the dress be exchangeable? Well, as the dress is on sale, we won't refund your money - but we'll certainly exchange the dress for a smaller or larger size. Thank you very much, have a nice day! Thank you! Good bye!

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    langweilig habe 4 geschrieben

    Von Candikhakan, vor 3 Monaten
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    Es war ein gutes Beispiel

    Von Elion O., vor 3 Monaten
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    Es hat mir sehr geholfen danke!

    Von Ruediger K., vor mehr als einem Jahr
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    Es geht!
    Sie sollten vielleicht nicht immer excuse me, please sagen.

    Von Deleted User 396156, vor mehr als einem Jahr
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    ich fand das video nicht so toll

    Von Reyhan 98, vor mehr als 2 Jahren
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    Trollolololol :D

    Von Behnam M., vor mehr als 3 Jahren
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    Von Simow, vor mehr als 4 Jahren
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    Das war schön sehhhr schön.

    Von Elisabeth H., vor mehr als 5 Jahren
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    stimme bichen kommisch

    Von Lazgin A., vor mehr als 5 Jahren
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    das video ist sehr gut geworden ;D

    Von Hellen97, vor fast 6 Jahren
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    suppi :D höhöh ;)

    Von Schulte Rv, vor fast 6 Jahren
  7. Halloween ... boden

    Ich wuerde die Aussprache aendern...ansonsten gut gemacht!

    Von Nordlicht, vor etwa 7 Jahren
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    jupp,gut gemacht

    Von Beckfra2, vor mehr als 7 Jahren
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    nicht schlecht, danke

    Von Udonol2, vor mehr als 7 Jahren
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