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Confusables – Leicht zu verwechselnde Wörter 07:32 min

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Transkript Confusables – Leicht zu verwechselnde Wörter

Hi, my name's Camilla and I come from England. And do you know what? I've been feeling really confused recently. I keep mixing up words. And that's why we are going to look at confusables in English.But warning! This video is in English. So have your dictionaries at the ready. The other day I was riding my bike, when I suddenly noticed - huh- I had a flat tire. Then I heard a man coming along. And he had just what I needed. I bike pump. So i smiled nicely and I asked, "Can I please lend your bike pump?" "Who do you want to lend it to?" he said. Uups. I had mixed up the two words borrow and lend. Borrow heißt "sich leihen" and lend heißt "verleihen", and they are not interchangeable. Later that evening I went out to a date and we stayed out the whole night and waited for the sun to come out. It was really romantic. And as we sat on the hill, I suddenly saw the sun and I said "Oh look! The sun is raising" "Whaaat? What is it raising? Chickens? Children?" Uups, I had mixed up two words again - rise which is "aufstehen or aufgehen" and raise which is "aufziehen". There a lots of words in English that people, who are learning the language and also English people, often get mixed up. Here are some more: oral and auralI had to get my hearing tested by the aural doctor. Tomorrow we have oral presentations at school. From these two senctences - can you tell the difference between the two words? Exactly! Aural wit a and u has something to do with the "Ohren", with the ears. But oral with o is "mündlich". conscious and conscience Does your conscience not tell you that stealing is a bad thing? Is he breathing? We have to check if he is conscious! Conscience = Gewissen and conscious = bewusst There are several words like this that often get confused with eachother. Words like advice and advise, practise and practice. If you look here, the words with s, advise and practise, are the verbs. The words with c, advice and practice, are the nouns. I find it useful to remember that rice with a "c" is a noun, also Reis, and rise with an "s" is a verb, rise wie "aufgehen". Continual and continuous are two more words that are often confused with one another. There are continual reruns of some TV shows. We have continuous problems with the same pupil. Continual heißt "ständig", and continuous heißt "andauernd". Moral and morale. The moral of the story is that one should not steal. Since losing the last football match the team has had very low morale. So moral heißt "Moral" oder "Lehre"and morale heißt "Stimmung". Currently and presently. I am currently reading a book on politics. You can borrow it when I'm finished. The concert will begin presently. Please take your seats. Currently heißt "zurzeit" and presently heißt "bald". Amiable and amicable. Have you met the new neighbours? They are very amiable people. We had an argument but now our relationship is amicable. Amiable heißt "freundliche" and amicable heißt "friedlich". They are very similar, but there is a difference. Those were the most common words that are confused with one another. And here are a few more. So you can take note if you do happen to mix them up. Anxious and eager = besorgt und gespannt, economic and economical = Wirtschafts- und sparsam, incredulous and incredible = ungläubig und unglaublich, lied and laid = liegen und legen, personnel and personal = Personal- und persönlich, practical and practicable = praktisch und möglich, principal and principles = Rektor und Prinzip. Puh. Well done, you made it through to the end. And I hope that those confused stars around your head have changed into a glowing light bulb. Just like mine. Diiing. Take care and I see you again soon. Bye.  

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    Hätte besser sein können

    Von S Jungen, vor 4 Monaten
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    Von User1, vor 5 Monaten
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    Gute erklärung! :-) DANKE

    Von Miss.E. ., vor 8 Monaten
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    Von Salih Han B., vor 12 Monaten
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    very good

    Von Salih Han B., vor 12 Monaten
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    ich konnte alles verstehen. und ein paar neue wörter hab ich auch dazu gelernt :-)

    Von Dicker Andrea, vor mehr als einem Jahr
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    Von Justin W., vor fast 4 Jahren
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    Sehr gut und einfach erklärt!!! Danke :D

    Von Yunmi220, vor etwa 4 Jahren
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    Ich konnte vieles nicht verstehen weil fast alles auf englisch ist. Aber trotzdem hat es mir irgendwie geholfen! ;-D

    Von Nina Susen, vor mehr als 4 Jahren
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    Ich finde es besser wenn sie jedes video das sie machen auf deutsch machen

    Von Thao Vy, vor mehr als 4 Jahren
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    Vielleicht könnte man ein paar Wörter mit der Übersetzung ins Video schreiben. So wäre es leichter die Wörter zu lernen.

    Von B Email 7, vor etwa 5 Jahren
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    Ich find`s witzig, dass es nur auf English ist. Den Sinn versteh ich aber nicht.

    Von Blume2000, vor mehr als 6 Jahren
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