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Australia – Danger in Paradise 06:58 min

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Transkript Australia – Danger in Paradise

Hi, I’m Rachel and I’m from Cairns in Queensland, Northern Australia- home of the Great Barrier Reef. I’m doing an internship at my local paper – the Beach Times Australia. My boss has asked me to write an article about two missing tourists who wanted to visit the Great Barrier Reef. Nobody has seen them for 2 days. What has happenend to them? This is a big story and I have to write a good report! Can you help me? Get a pen and paper! Get ready to answer some questions later in the video. Listen carefully to all the details! Ok, let’s go!

Two young British tourists, Vicky and Tom arrived in Australia on Monday. They were staying at the Ocean Beach hotel. Let’s talk to the hotel manager. “I saw Vicky and Tom at about 10.30 on Tuesday morning when they left the hotel. They wanted to go swimming in the ocean. I told them that the beach near the hotel is not good for swimming.

The water is very shallow here. But the ocean here is great for surfing … And if you travel along the coast to the Great Barrier Reef, you can go snorkelling or diving there. Our hotel organises all kinds of activities for very good prices…” So, now we know that Vicky left the hotel at… What time did they leave the hotel? At 10am on Wednesday, at 10.30am on Tuesday or at 10pm on Tuesday? That’s right, it was at 10.30am on Tuesday. Let’s talk to that surfer.

Excuse me. Can I ask you some questions about the missing tourists? They wanted to go swimming on Tuesday morning. Did you see them?

Yes, I did. I spoke to them. They saw me surfing and said they wanted to do water sports here. They asked me if I could recommend a company which offered different kinds of water sports. And where did you tell them to go? I’ve got a buddy who runs a water sports company. His name’s Rick. His shop is in Market Street next to the Italian restaurant.

Let’s go and visit the shop. The manager is called Rick and the company is … Oh I’ve forgotten! Where is the company? Is it in Market Street next to the Italian restaurant? Next to the Italian market?

Or near the shopping centre? Now I remember. It’s on Market Street next to the Italian restaurant. Let’s go there!

Hi! Can I ask you some questions about the missing tourists? Yeah, no worries. I remember them. They came into the shop on Tuesday afternoon at about 2pm. They wanted to do some water sports. I recommended snorkelling. The water is the amazing azure blue colour and can see some really beautiful fish just below the surface of the ocean. Tourists love that.

So the tourists went snorkelling? Did they hire snorkels from you?

No, actually they didn’t. They told me they didn’t have much money- they are students. They only had enough money to do one kind of sport. So I told them to go diving. I’m the tour guide - I take you out to the Great Barrier Reef and there you can go diving. The water is very deep and you can see lots of sea animals under the reef, the fish and the colourful coral on the reef…

I see. Let me just write that down. So the tourists came in here at 2pm on Tuesday. They wanted to do water sports. They could only do one kind of sport… Which sport did they choose? Snorkelling, surfing or diving? Ah yes! It was diving. So they decided to go diving. What time was their diving trip? When did the boat leave?

Wait a minute. I’ll just check my list. Ah yes, Vicky and Tom. They wanted to do our three hour diving trip.

Look. That includes a trip to the Great Barrier Reef, a diving lesson and the equipment you need for diving: a diving mask, flippers, wetsuits and an oxygen tank for breathing The meeting place was at 4pm next to the ice cream shop on the beach. OK… Which trip did Vicky and Tom want to do? A 4-hour boat trip starting at 3pm? A three-hour diving trip starting at 4pm or a three hour snorkelling trip starting at 4pm? That’s right. It was the three hour diving trip, starting at 4pm.

So Vicky and Tom returned at 7pm and returned the diving equipment to the shop? Yes, that’s… Wait a minute. Let me look at the list for that trip. There isn’t a tick next to their names. Which means they haven’t returned the diving equipment. But they did the trip on Tuesday at 4pm. Wait a second… Eight people went on the trip. But only six people came back.

That is strange. I always check the area around the reef to make sure nobody is missing. Oh no! Maybe they went missing on my trip! The current near the reef is sometimes very strong. Maybe the current was too strong for them and they couldn’t get back to the boat. I’m going to call the coast guard. They can search for Vicky and Tom in their rescue boat! So… now my newspaper article is finished and the story has a happy end.

The coast guard found Vicky and Tom two hours ago floating in the sea in their wetsuits and flippers. The strong current had taken them far away from the reef. They rescued them in their boat. The tourists were very tired, hungry and thirsty, but ok.

My story is on the first page of the newspaper and Tom and Vicky are safe. That’s great news. Thanks for your help guys!

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    auf der liste sin sieben und er meinte dass es acht waren und 6 zurück kamen bei 5:50

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    Sehr gut

    Von Luong Karen, vor 5 Monaten
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    sehr gut gemachtes Video!!! #Like! :-)

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    ich fand das toll mit den Figuren

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    Ich bin in der 5.Klasse und die beste in Englisch...
    Aber der Text ist sehr kompliziert für die,die nicht gut in Englisch sind

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    Hallo ich fand das Video sehr hilfreich!:D

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    höre dir den Text erneut an und lies dir auch den Lösungsweg genau durch, dann kannst du feststellen, das kein Fehler in der Übung ist. Achte auf den Unterschied zwischen diving und snorkelling.
    Liebe Grüße aus der Redaktion

    Von Franziska G., vor fast 3 Jahren
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    Übung 4 ist nicht ganz richtig...
    z.B. sagt sie sie waren schon vorher in Europa diven, jedoch wird es bei der Übung als falsch gekennzeichnet.
    Sonst super Training für das Hörverstehen!

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    das Video war sehr gut und hat mich auch motiviert die Übung zu machen.

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    Hi, dieses Video ist großartig, es hilft sehr das Hörverstehen zu trainieren. Auch die Übungen sind sehr gut. Von den Übungen zum Mitmachen sollte es sehr viel mehr geben. Danke

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    Ich finde das Video gut, denn es war mal was Anderes und fördert gutes Zuhören und Hörverstehen . Da ich erst in der 5. bin und die Vokabeln noch nicht gelernt habe war der Text für mich schwer zu verstehen. Ich würde es tratzdem empfehlen.

    Von Andreakaesmann, vor mehr als 3 Jahren
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    Sehr gutes Video

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