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The Buckingham Palace 03:22 min

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Transkript The Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace in London. Its history began modestly in the year 1703. The duke of Buckingham John Sheffield decided to have an austere city residence built. 60 years later, King George II bought the building and began remodeling it. He wanted to transform it into a palace. The work was completed in 1837 and Queen Victoria could finally transfer the royal residence here. Today Buckingham Palace is the official residence and home of her majesty, Queen Elizabeth II. The throne room with the Queen's throne on the left and the husband Prince Philip's throne flanking it on the right. Buckingham Palace also has many other representative rooms and reception halls and over 800 employees. The state rooms are the center of the activities in the palace. They contain an extensive art collection that includes paintings, tapestries, sculptures, precious porcelain pieces and antique furniture. Buckingham Palace is one of the few remaining functioning palaces, and yet the structure to the art collection belonged to the British state. All foreign leaders who visit Great Britain are initially received here. Some 50,000 people participate each year in audiences and banquets on the palace grounds. The office wing of the palace. A few rooms down is where the Queen works. Her master of ceremonies has lots to do. The royals have lots of commitments and appointments that must be organized and managed. Serving her majesty the queen requires exact knowledge of the court ceremony. Queen Elizabeth II changed Court Protocol. Nowadays anyone can enter the palace. This is no longer just a privilege of the nobility. Every year in August and September while the Queen resides in Scotland, part of the palace is open to the public. Most visitors end their sightseeing tour with a walk along the south side of the garden, where they can enjoy the majestic view of the palace facade. Buckingham Palace: a historical monument, modern royal residence and London landmark.

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  1. bitte etwas mehr Action einbauen macht dann mehr spass

    Von Natalibelz, vor 8 Monaten
  2. Hallo Muenzesheimer,
    danke für dein Feedback. Unsere Videos von Team Digital haben stets eine Mischung aus Englisch und Deutsch. Videos, die sich mit landeskundlichen Themen befassen, sind oft nur auf Englisch. Häufig legen diese Videos ihren Fokus auf mehr Information und weniger „Action”.
    Herzliche Grüße aus der Redaktion

    Von Kilian Söllner, vor 8 Monaten
  3. Ich mag dieses Vidio so was von

    Gar nicht!
    Bitte etwas mehr Agschen

    Von Muenzesheimer, vor 8 Monaten
  4. Englisch und Deutsch gemischt finde ich besser.Aber wie ihr das macht finde ich es auch O.k.🙂

    Von Muenzesheimer, vor 8 Monaten
  5. Das Video ist etwas langweilig.bischen Agschen were toll.☺

    Von Muenzesheimer, vor 8 Monaten
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