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Letters to Santa Claus 01:26 min

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Transkript Letters to Santa Claus

In Florida, in Chicago and everywhere else in the country, kids either visit Santa Claus or write him a letter. These two little girls are writing a letter. They put a puppy and a piano at the top of their Christmas lists. The drawing isn’t right yet, the puppy needs more whiskers. The girls send their letter to Santa Claus at the North Pole. That’s where he lives of course. With Mrs. Claus and his many helpers and the reindeer. Every kid in America knows that. The girls put their letters into the mailbox at the driveway. This is where the mail arrives and where you put your mail for pickup. Their mother will secretly remove their letters to Santa Claus a little later.

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    Von Wile Davila, vor mehr als 2 Jahren
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    thanks for the Video

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