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Lernpakete anzeigen
19. Okt 2023

Deepening connections and nurturing learning at the sofatutor unconference 2023

In the heart of Berlin, amidst the warm August sun, sofatutor’s summer event week was abuzz with energy and enthusiasm. Among the many activities and gatherings that took place, one event stood out for its unique and refreshing approach to fostering learning and connection: our first sofatutor unconference. In this post, you’ll get to know this unconventional event, which combined both sofatutor’s core value of learning while also reinforcing the motto of our summer event week: deepening team connections.

The Unconference: A platform for unconventional learning
First, let’s delve into the concept of an unconference.
Unlike traditional conferences with preset agendas and speakers, unconferences are open, participant-driven events where the attendees shape the content and direction of the conference. The emphasis is on collaboration, sharing knowledge, and active participation, aligning with our commitment to continuous learning and growth.
It served as a vibrant platform for all of us to engage in unstructured, candid discussions about topics we are curious or passionate about. From AI trends in EdTech to marketing questions and diversity improvement ideas, we sat together to explore and learn from each other, promoting a culture of self-driven learning that is central to sofatutor’s values.
Nadia (Team Lead Influencer Marketing), who posed the question “Why do you follow influencers?” in one session, sums up the day this way: “The spontaneity and open-mindedness in all sessions made for a very productive day outside of our normal comfort zones.”

Embracing Learning Opportunities
At sofatutor, we believe in the transformative power of learning. Our mission is to make learning accessible, enjoyable, and effective for students of all ages. We’re not just passionate about educating students; we’re equally dedicated to the learning and growth of our own team. During our unconference we got to practice what we preach by fostering an environment that encourages learning, innovation, and personal development.
In other posts, you can read more about our internal learning opportunities, about our “traditional” conference day, Lunch & Learn Sessions, Business English and German courses.

Deepening connections: The essence of sofatutor’s summer event week
With the motto of deepening connections between work colleagues in person, the unconference served as a microcosmos of this theme. It received great feedback from the team and was very popular, as we came together in an informal, open, and interactive setting, going beyond usual day-to-day professional encounters.
Tanja (Team Lead Content Development) moderated a session on diversity at sofatutor and says: “For me, the unconference format was a great opportunity to exchange on topics that are otherwise either not discussed in this intensity, or only in smaller subteams.
I think we all had the opportunity (especially in the session on diversity) to take a look at each other’s work and exchange ideas about how well (or perhaps not well) we are already positioned in certain areas. Often you don’t know exactly who is already doing what and how much the focus is on certain topics.”

Looking back, our first unconference served as a testament to sofatutor’s values and the engaging culture that shapes our daily work life. We look forward to more inconvenient exchanges like this which will widen our horizon to innovative ideas and learning opportunities.

If you as well are passionate about learning, dedicated to our educational mission, and want to participate in sofatutor’s next unconference yourself, we invite you to join our team. On our career page and sofatutor’s blog you can explore different possibilities by getting to know us and our open positions even better. For example we are currently looking for a Talent Acquisition Manager, and look forward to your application for this and other positions!

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