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5. Jul 2022

Come Lunch & Learn with us!

The motto “Employees train Employees” did not only apply during our conference day in April. On a smaller scale but with a pizza bonus, our Product and Tech team has started a series of learning events: At Lunch & Learn, team members, present interesting and latest topics in the areas of product and technology, which are then discussed in plenary with lunch and drinks.

In preparation for this blog post, I spoke to Mika, who came up with the idea for Lunch & Learn together with Noemi (one of our product designers). Mika joined sofatutor as a working student in IT four years ago. After an internship in development, he became Frontend Developer and today is a member of Team Blue (one of our scrum teams).
Together with his developer colleague Ayushi he kicked off the very first Lunch & Learn session at the end of April. On a mission to push a continuing learning curve during everyday work life, to encourage personal exchange, curiosity and creativity within the team, the two decided to discuss subjects that appeal to both the technical and product-related side of the big team.

The headline of the first hybrid lunch get-together: ‘Story Dependency Management in Scrum’. 14 team members met in our office kitchen and six more joined online. After about 20 minutes of input by Ayushi and Mika, challenges and ideas were discussed together.
Two things are common: Discussions are particularly good with a full mouth. Plus: A full stomach promotes concentration and inventiveness. That’s why pizza was ordered in the office and lunch was done remotely on sofatutor bill while sharing thoughts on dependencies in story-fulfillment.

On Wednesday, last week, I took part in the second session. At home, equipped with snacks and a cup of coffee, I followed Mika’s and Alina’s presentation on accessibility in everyday digital life for people with various disabilities. Why are digital participation and inclusion important at all? What does the current situation look like?
We then reflected on the impairments and the digital obstacles that need to be overcome. As in a professional-related environment, technologies facilitating digital inclusion were taken into account.

While the first Lunch & Learn session explicitly focused on the discussion of efficient planning and structuring of work in the scrum set up of our Product and Tech team, yesterday we talked about a topic that should not only be on the sofatutor agenda, but for that, we should all develop a feeling and open eyes. To enable participation in digital education, information, and interaction for everybody, we need to keep talking about accessibility.
Beyond that, we should maintain our curiosity and infect our environment with it! For this purpose let us continue to lunch and learn together.

You’ve got a topic that you would like to discuss at Lunch & Learn? Do you want to take part in the next session? Become part of our team! You can find current vacancies on our website and apply directly online :)

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