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2. Mär 2023

Personal & professional development @sofatutor: Talent Acquisition to People Business Partnering

Employee Development is a driving force at sofatutor, and we strive for our employees to grow within our teams.
What does this mean? We support them in improving their existing competencies, but also in developing new skills. In this post we look at Viviana’s path, learning how Employee Development can look like at sofatutor.

Employee Development @sofatutor

You’ve probably heard that there’s a shortage of skilled workers?
It is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to find “the perfect match” for open positions. That’s why it’s all the more important for sofatutor to create a framework for team members to develop. But what motivates us further in being an employer to grow with are our mission and values: Working together on the innovation of education through our e-learning products, experiencing successes and challenges in EdTech, strengthens our team and radiates our passion to the outside world.

At sofatutor, we therefore support the development of our employees in many different ways.
To give you an example: On a team level, various workshops and educational events take place, such as our Remote Conference Day. Individually, employees receive financial training support or can participate in training opportunities offered by external cooperation partners. One example is our Business English course, which you can read more about in another post. In our agile work environment, however, in addition to institutionalized offerings, there are flexible ways in which we can support our team members in their career development. Viviana, for example, has gotten to know her new role at sofatutor within our team, and was trained in close cooperation with experienced stakeholders.

Starting as Talent Acquisition Manager

After her Master degree in Business Psychology, and first steps in Talent Acquisition Management for a travel startup, Viviana joined sofatutor as Talent Acquisition Manager in 2020. During her first years, she experienced the intense time of sofatutor’s growth and was closely involved in our internationalization and the acquisition of new team members, both on the DACH and also on the international market. Working closely with her colleagues in the People and Culture team and different stakeholders across the company, she developed sofatutor’s Talent Acquisition strategy, helped the company grow, and moreover was able to improve important professional skills. Today, Viviana is a Talent Acquisition expert for a wide range of positions, from Marketing to Tech, from German to English, who knows sofatutor very well.

Moving forward as People Business Partner

With her knowledge on all ins and outs of sofatutor, Viviana now is one of sofatutor’s five People Business Partners, who are the link between individual departments and the People & Culture Team. Together with Mariane, Senior People Business Partner, she shares the responsibility for sofatutors Content Team.
In weekly meetings, the two work out new work areas, tasks and structures step by step. Other experienced People Business Partners and team leads supported Viviana on her new path as well. As People Business Partner, Viviana is now an important contact for employees at all times, advises team members with leadership responsibility, moderates processes and helps shape strategic People & Culture projects for the Content Team.
“What I like most about my own development at sofatutor is the fact that I’m able to accompany employees on their way at sofatutor, to see how they develop and how the company develops with them. While I was responsible for acquiring and onboarding new employees in the beginning, now I ensure that these employees are happy and well managed.”
What we can take away from Viviana’s example: Team members continue to develop with sofatutor and can therefore support the team with their personal growth.

Meanwhile, becoming an Agile Coach

Meanwhile, Viviana also contributes her trained knowledge on agile approaches. Supported by sofatutor, she received her certificate as a Scrum Master last year. Following on from that, she is trained by our experienced Agile Coach, Veronica, for the practical work at sofatutor. She now occasionally supports our agile cross-functional teams in Product and Tech and beyond that, she adds value to People and Culture as a People Business Partner with agile coaching skills.

Since sofatutor supports personal and professional development in individual ways, you’ll get to know other career stories from our team members on the blog. Here you can also glimpse into our way of work and team celebrations :)

Which opportunities might there be for you? We look forward to finding out and to receiving your application via our website or via e-mail ( jobs@sofatutor.com).

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