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16. Aug 2023

Getting to know our benefits: Being mobile with sofatutor

As part of our benefits program our employees can choose between different mobility offerings that support mobility on both short distances and longer trips throughout Germany.
In this post you’ll get to read about sofatutor’s Swapfiets membership, the BVG and Deutschlandticket, how team members use them and how to combine them with other benefits.

Note: Due to many country-specific differences, benefits for our international employees are arranged separately in a country specific way, while we offer a flexible benefits program for employees located in Germany.

Swapfiets – Bicycle Rental
“Swapfiets offers you an always working bike.” The bike rental company, known for its bikes with bright blue tires, enables carefree and flexible cycling in 18 German cities.
As part of the Swapfiets for Business program sofatutor will cover the cost of your chosen Swapfiets bike model, including both e-bikes and conventional bikes, with or without basket.
Yousif (Growth Marketing Manager) lives in Cologne and uses his “Deluxe 7” for daily routes that either take a lot of time by foot or become expensive to cover with other short distance services. “At some point I noticed that I was spending 30-50€ a month on e-scooters and the like and thought that would certainly be less with a bike. That’s when Swapfiets came in handy.”

  • Getting the bike is quite simple: You can easily sign up for the program online in a few minutes and receive your bike within just a few days after.
  • Problems are solved quickly as well: In case you’ve got a flat tire, other defects or your bike is stolen through no fault of your own, the on-site service will take care of repair or replacement within 48 hours.

Deutschland Ticket
“One ticket – conveniently throughout Germany.” With the Deutschland-Ticket, you can travel on all means of local public transport, e.g. in the metropolitan areas of all German cities. sofatutor subsidizes the ticket up to 40€, depending on whether you combine it with other benefits or not.
Having a fixed ticket that you don’t have to worry about for every single trip is one big plus.
Another advantage: the Deutschland Ticket benefits those who travel too little to cover the cost of a local monthly subscription, but travel too much to save money on single tickets.
Regina (Illustrator for Video Production) uses her Deutschland Ticket in the Hamburg area and is not only more flexible, but also saves money. “I mainly use it to get downtown, meet friends or visit my parents. Or in short: I leave the car at home much more often.”

BVG Job Ticket
The BVG Job Ticket allows you to use all public transportation within the Berlin/Brandenburg area. sofatutor contributes a monthly amount up to 40€.
The difference to the Deutschland Ticket: In the evenings, on weekends and holidays, you can also take another person of your choice with you free of charge. So how about a trip for two to one of Berlin’s lakes on a hot summer day?

How to combine mobility (and fitness) benefits?
Some of our benefits can be combined, so that you profit from different offerings at the same time. For example: While using a Swapfiets bike, you’ll receive a monthly substitution for the BVG job ticket as well.
In another blog post, we already introduced our new fitness benefits, which can also be combined with mobility benefits. You can either sign up for a gym membership with FitX and receive a subsidy for the BVG ticket, or for the very sporty, move around with a Swapfiets bike and FitX membership.

With our benefit program we try to balance things out, because it takes more than work to make one happy. On the blog you can get an impression of how we try to implement this belief. Next to our fitness benefits you’ll find articles on sofatutor’s remote-first and mental health benefits.

Nevertheless, benefits are of course something very individual and everyone draws motivation from a different source. We look forward to receiving your application if you share this thought and just as much as we find motivation in innovating digital education.
You can easily apply for open positions via our website or jobs@sofatutor.com.

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