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7. Jun 2023

Getting to know our benefits: Healthy body, healthy mind

May was the month of health at sofatutor. While we already introduced you to our fitness benefits, in this blog post, we’ll also dive into the mental health benefits that our e-learning company offers and give insights into our health-themed project month. We understand that learning is not solely about acquiring new skills but also about nurturing the well-being of our team members. By embracing a remote-first philosophy and assembling a diverse team of experts from around the globe, we are thriving for a work environment that focuses on individual needs and improves our wellbeing.

The month of May at sofatutor was dedicated to health.

One initiative we pursued for four weeks is a fitness challenge between our fourteen departments. Winner: Team ‘Get off the sofa-tutor!’
All team members could track their individual sporting activities via the app ‘Teamfit’, which uses individual challenges on the topics of fitness, mindfulness, nutrition and sustainability to motivate people to lead a more active, conscious and healthier lifestyle. At the same time Teamfit’s competition mode also strengthened our team spirit.
How to move your team up in the ranking? Steps, HIIT workouts, yoga and much more brought points to your account.
In a team-internal overview, you could check on your team members’ workouts, and get motivated by their activity level. In the team-wide ranking, you saw how the other departments were doing and whether you needed to set your team goals higher for the following week. Rahel (Teamlead Employee Experience), who has been motivating us to exercise very regularly from the beginning of May, said:
“Actually, I’m not ambitious when it comes to sports – at least I thought I wasn’t until we started the fitness challenge. Now I try to incorporate as many activities as possible into my day so that I don’t slip too far in the rankings.”

The annual Company Run through Berlin’s city center, which took place in the third week of May, added a good amount of points to our Teamfit accounts as well. Thank you to everyone who participated and gave a little extra support to their teams by mastering the 5.5 kilometers. Casandra (Senior Marketing Coordinator INTL Markets, located in the Netherlands) visited Berlin for a team event this week, and decided to participate as well. “I thought it would be a fantastic experience to run through key landmarks such as the Brandenburg Gate, Tiergarten, and the Victory Column. Additionally, I wanted to enjoy the event with my colleagues and have the opportunity to meet new people at sofatutor. It was an incredible experience! There were enthusiastic crowds cheering us on throughout the entire run, which made it very enjoyable. Iva and Samira from Office & Feelgood Management did a fantastic job organizing everything, and all the sofatutor runners and skaters were extremely well taken care of.”

While with Teamfit we mainly worked on our physical fitness, the focus of the second week in May was on mental health.
Samira (Senior Office & Feelgood Manager) describes the weeks goal:
“We want to raise awareness for mental health and make our contribution to create an open, de-stigmatized and mindful society. Our focus is on raising awareness and education and providing a safe space for an open culture of conversation.”

In cooperation with Mindsurance, various remote trainings and inputs around the topic of mental health were offered every day during core working hours.
The online-platform Mindsurance offers a variety of services to help you find your own path to mental well-being. Through our cooperation with them, employees can take advantage of individual chat consultations, participate in master classes and have access to certain psychological consultations, prevention courses and meditation apps also outside of our Mental Health week. Through such offers we want to promote mindfulness and self-care. We hope to serve as a role model for our employees as well as for other companies – so that mental health is prioritized and is no longer a taboo subject.

On our blog, we regularly provide insights into events and exciting projects that are currently keeping us busy at sofatutor. Feel free to click through and get to know us even better.
If you like what you see, we look forward to receiving your application via our website or at jobs@sofatutor.com.

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