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Lernpakete anzeigen
3. Mai 2023

Girls’ & Boys’ Day 2023 – How we are working against gender boundaries

Aiming to break down traditional gender roles and promote diversity and equality, we pursue different initiatives internally and externally as a team. This year one of them was our first participation in the Girls’ and Boys’ Day 2023, which aims to counteract prejudices of young students towards “typical” women’s and men’s professions.

Girls’ and Boys’ Day is a German educational initiative that takes place annually and invites middle school and high school students to spend a day at participating companies, learning about the different roles and opportunities available.
Originally the Girls’ Day was meant to encourage young female students to explore career paths in technology, which were (and still are) predominantly male dominated.
Since 2011 the initiative is also expanded to the counterpart the ‘Boys’ Day’, ensuring that both genders have an equal opportunity to participate and learn about gender atypical careers.

For us at sofatutor, participating in Girls’ and Boys’ Day offers the opportunity to show students of different age how learning can be combined with fun – as this is the main mission of our e-learning platform. Moreover, as an EdTech company, we can do our very own part to improve educational opportunities for everyone, by showing socially unseen opportunities.
Last Thursday, on April 27th, 30 students from Berlin visited our office to take a look behind the scenes of sofatutor and to learn about the multifaceted work in two of our teams.

Many of the girls and boys already knew sofatutor through friends, siblings, from school or even their own use. But who and what is behind our e-learning platform? How does it actually work? And how are learning videos and interactive exercises created?

In the first half of the morning we explored these questions together by looking at our missions, different products, team structure and different task areas.
Afterwards, the boys got to know our female-dominated People & Culture team (75%/15%), and the girls got to know our still male-dominated Tech team (68%/32%). While the girls got a live demonstration of how to code and impressions of the work in tech (especially as developers), the boys trained People and Culture fundamental cooperation skills and learned about work in Talent Acquisition, People Operations and People Business Partnership.

We enjoyed the time with our young visitors very much! It was fun to catch their interest in hidden paths and professions. For us it remains to say: Girls’ and Boys’ Day serves as a reminder that we all have a responsibility to promote equality and inclusivity in the workplace, starting with the next generation of thinkers, doers and leaders.

You want to learn more about what drives us? On our blog you can get insights into other projects and get to know our team.
You want to get to know us personally? Then we look forward to receiving your application via our website!

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