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Lernpakete anzeigen
16. Dez 2022

Holiday Get-together 2022

Since we are kicking off the penultimate week of 2022 in just a few days and many of us are already entering a holiday mood, our team joined online for an international Holiday Get-together. On Tuesday this week we looked back at the last months at sofatutor and enjoyed some team quality time while playing fun games.

In the late afternoon, Berlin time, and morning hours, US time, we came together in a big online team meeting. Equipped with a refreshing drink and winter-themed socks from the office, we made ourselves comfortable in front of our screens.
While our founder Stephan reviewed the last year, we raised our glasses on challenges that we have mastered together, and goals that we have achieved as a team. With more strong e-learning content and the launch of innovative learning features, this year we further shaped the EdTech DACH market, and made our first important steps internationally, by launching in the US and UK. Cheers!

This year, many of us had the opportunity to meet in person during sofatutors Summer Event Week. Since August, however, new members have joined the team in very different areas and from all over the world.
Ending the year, on Tuesday we were able to get to know new and known faces playfully.

After Stephan’s motivating words and a short instruction by Rita, our Head of People & Culture, we started into an hour of interactive online-games. Divided into mixed up groups of five to six team members we then challenged our knowledge on sofatutor, our holiday fandom and drawing skills. Playfully competing against each other we got to know our colleagues by e.g. discussing our most important, funniest and embarrassing moments at sofatutor. Though only one team won, measured by the number of points, we have had a new beautiful experience as a big team, and together ended or started our workday in a relaxed and different manner. Still a healthy portion of competitive spirit should not be downplayed. Therefore congratulations to the winning team ‘The3Angels’!

Ending the event we look at the upcoming year in anticipation. We are more than excited to again be meeting new people and experiencing collaboration in our amazing international team. We look forward to shaping the e-learning world and innovating digital education together step by step!
You can join on this mission by easily applying online or getting in touch with us via jobs@sofatutor.com.

For the remaining days of 2022 and the first days of 2023 we wish everyone a relaxed and healthy time!

Your sofatutor team

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