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26. Aug 2022

‘You looked different on screen’: Getting to know our international team in person

Who knows the game ‘Line Up!’?

‘Line up in order of your time as a sofatutor team member!’
When our Head of People & Culture, Rita, asked us to do so in our international gathering on Monday, it became visible that many team members haven´t been with sofatutor for a long time. In fact the biggest crowd was formed by colleagues who joined us within the last 12 months. While we are counting the last days until the launch of our website in the US, this project has been majorly guiding sofatutors development and team growth in the last 1.5 years. Working together with experts from the about-to-be-entered overseas markets, our team has grown in its total number of faces and gained in internationality.

After kicking-off our Summer Event Week at Holzmarkt on Monday (check out the happening in this post;)), we moved to the sofatutor office near Boxhagener Platz. Side note for all those not-Berliners: Boxhagener Platz is a spot that represents the city’s atmosphere pretty well and you should definitely grab a Späti-Drink after visiting the office to watch the colorful hustle and bustle around you.

There was also a lot going on in our green office, decorated with red, blue and white coloured garlands. In the afternoon everyone especially involved and interested in our internationalization met in the kitchen to celebrate entering the US and UK e-learning market together. Before Rita invited us to the little get-to-know-you game ‘Line Up!’ Colin and Arne took us on a short journey back to the first steps of sofatutors internationalization and sneak-peeked in its exciting future. Within in the last 1,5 years together we managed to build a sofatutor website that is adapted to the local conditions in the US and UK, with our international content teams just having passed the mark of 300 produced videos! Working from the US, UK, Germany and many other different countries, today we can proudly announce the launch of our US-platform in two weeks – a huge milestone in the history of sofatutor!
In this context we again want to thank Adina, whose heart and soul flowed into this large project and who has accompanied the internationalization since day one. We look forward to continuing to raise your ‘baby’! In this emotional situation, the funky color themed cupcakes and brownies at the buffet came in handy. With a smile in one eye and a tear in the other, we raised our cups and plates to toast our joint successes and upcoming goals!

We have often talked about internationalization in virtual meetings, followed its development in figures and got to know team members from the US and UK online. Nevertheless, this first afternoon together in the office gave all of us a new and powerful feeling, which we´re looking forward to strengthening even more!

You can find out more about all the happenings where we got to know our international team even better during our Summer Event Week in the next blog post :)

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