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20. Okt 2022

Workation (global mobile working) at sofatutor

We all know that feeling, you don’t have that much time for vacation left and you still get the urge to travel. That’s how I felt this year, so I thought, why not try out Workation? With our policy for global mobile work, this should be no problem.

So I took the request to my Team Lead and after a short consultation, on whether my presence was necessary for the 2 weeks everything was ready to organize.
In the end, however, even that was super easy. First I had to check our Country list to see if sofatutor mobile working is legally permitted in the country I want to visit.
After this box was checked I just needed to apply for global mobile work in Personio, our HR management tool, at least 21 days before departure, filling out a Google Form and everything was ready.
It’s pretty cool how quickly and easily this is possible here at sofatutor.

All I needed to do afterwards, was to make sure to have a stable internet connection in all apartments. That’s it, and I was ready to go. So I went to Italy, to work one week at Lake Garda, one week in a small Italian village in Tuscany and 2 weeks for vacation afterwards.

What can I say? Of course, it’s still work and not a holiday, but you have the afternoons/evenings and weekends to explore the surroundings and the whole vibe is different. Whether it was jumping into Lake Garda after work or enjoying the morning coffee with a wonderful view from the balcony, it sometimes felt slightly like time off.

The best thing for me personally was to combine it with my holidays. After the last working day you close your laptop and you are already at your vacation destination. Somehow pretty cool I think.
My conclusion: As easy as it was to coordinate everything with sofatutor as an employer, I will definitely think about doing it again next year!

Where would you go on workation? We look forward to getting to know you and maybe some new destination tips. By easily applying for open positions on our website, you can be part of our team soon!

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