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Lernpakete anzeigen
13. Okt 2022

Come visit the sofatutor office!

Welcome to our vivid sofatutor office in Berlin-Friedrichshain! On a quick photo tour we show you which values ​​accompany our everyday work and where the innovation of digital learning happens. As we are a remote company and international team, our work life, meetings and communication take place digitally. Those who want to work on site and get together in person, can find the perfect spot for it in our office.

After a crisp climb to the 5th floor (or a short elevator ride), our helpful office managers welcome you in the entrance area, which offers a first glimpse into the green office-oase right behind and is shown above. With any questions or uncertainties you can come here. Iva and Samira got the overview of time, place and arrangement of anything happening in and around the office.

The office:
Our work is built on a shared mission to innovate education. Values guiding this path are reflected in the rooms and activities in our office. We developed them ​​together as a team to record what is important to us in working life. More or less obvious you´ll find the meaning of responsibility, learning, passion, community and flexibility somewhere between plants, kitchen and meeting rooms.

Our office consists of various work areas that can be used flexibly and adapt to different needs, work situations and group constellations.
The open work area offers space to focus on responsibilities and tasks of company, teams and individual expertise. While we work in international teams, coming together from all over the world, a working environment facilitating hybrid work is vital for our company. In small and large meeting rooms, groups can meet face-to-face or in a hybrid setting, and short telephone calls can be made undisturbed in small booths.

Over the last few years our office has developed into a green oasis. It all started almost ten years ago with a self-made vertical garden that gave life to the space. You can find instructions for rebuilding one in one of our first posts.
In addition to our diverse flora, you will also find comfortable seating in the bright rooms, creating a pleasant working atmosphere.

So far you got to see where we actively work on our common passion: the innovation of digital education. What many sofatutor team members also have in common is a passion for good coffee and creative cooking ;) That’s why we regularly come together in our open kitchen to cook together, chat during coffee breaks or a quick table soccer match. There is always something going on in the kitchen and dining area, and both fun and community are easy to find here.
One person you’ll more likely get to meet around the office is Maria, our office facility manager. She has been with sofatutor for a long time and takes care of the office ever since. Maria maintained the deserted rooms both in lockdown and busy-bustling times. If anyone were to ask her what is most important to her at work, it would be her colleagues. “Because man is man’s best medicine. And even if I sometimes have a lot to do because of them, I would never exchange an empty, clean office for a full, dirty office!”, she states.

As part of this vivid area, the office podium offers the perfect spot for hybrid company-meetings or passionate presentations and lectures. Recently teams come together for ‘lunch & learn’ sessions, in which they enjoy some food while sharing their expertise on a specific topic.

If you delve a little deeper into the interior of our office, you will come across a cozy reading alcove. Continuous learning is another sofatutor value that is lived here. Books from different subject areas invite you to take a short breather and encourage you to think outside the box.

You now got to know our Berlin office as a heart piece of our big international team at sofatutor. If you like what you saw and identify with our values, join our team! You can see which positions are currently advertised on our website and apply online with just a few clicks :)

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