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13. Jan 2023

Learning math playfully with our international sofatutor characters

In 2023 at sofatutor, we will continue to work on providing students internationally with creative learning materials that allow them to learn at their own pace, independent of time and place. Thanks to our incredible creative content team, our content writers, illustrators, graphic and motion designers, there’s no shortage of fun in the process!
To kick off the new year, we would like to introduce you to some of our beloved sofatutor characters with whom you, your children or your students can learn and teach in 2023.

In this post you’ll get to know our experts in math topics.
Why start with math?
Because math is one of the few school subjects that constantly and consistently builds on previously learned material. If you ask students internationally where they have difficulties in school or which exams they are most afraid of, many name math as a subject they struggle the most with. We hope to be able to show that math can also be fun. With our creative and fun learning videos (you’ll find some of them linked in the text), we would like to make math easy to crack in 2023!


  • Grade Levels: 1-4
  • Charakters: Mr Squeaks & Imani

Mr Squeaks is a super crazy adventurous hamster, who is extremely efficient and can therefore do anything. A weakness? Good food. But whether hungry or not, Mr Squeaks is an expert of multiplication tables and will have an answer to all your questions on basic arithmetic operations. Assisted by the little helper Imani, a smart robot, Mr Squeks is the one you should consult when everything goes haywire and you don’t know what’s one plus one anymore.


  • Grade Levels: 1-4
  • Characters: Axel & Tank

Our fractions specialists are Axel and Tank. Axel is a very thoughtful axolotl, realist, pragmatist and a true bank of knowledge. Axel’s sometimes clumsy nature is balanced by his good friend Tank with an equally large portion of curiosity and optimism. Tank is a turtle and insanely good at solving puzzles and riddles.


  • Grade Levels: 1-4
  • Characters: Nico & Nia

Nico and Nia are well-versed with all kinds of geometric objects. The curious monkey and the cute mouse like to travel around and are really good at visualizing complex shapes, let it be cones, prisms or more imaginary futuristic objects.


  • Grade Levels: K-4
  • Characters: Zuri / Zazie & Freddie

The adventurous raccoon Zuri (Zazie in US & UK) and the sensible ferret Freddie support very young learners in understanding measurements. Together with these two you playfully get to know how to deal with height, length and width by for example ordering objects by lengths.


  • Grade Levels: 1-4
  • Characters: Skylar & Henry

Together with Skylar, the fox, and Henry, the frog, young learners get to know numbers. Numbers from 1 to 10, even and odd numbers, numbers, numbers, numbers.

Data / Statistics

  • Grade Levels: 1-4
  • Characters: Gus & Nari

Everyone interested in data and statistics will find like-minded experts on the sofatutor.com as well. The evolving data specialists Gus (a cozy bear) and Nari (a playful wolf) for example explain how to properly collect and organize data.

We hope you now know who of our sofatutor characters to turn to if you have math questions. Soon we will also be introducing you to linguistic and literary sofatutor experts. Koko, Pip and co. are looking forward to sharing their creativity and knowledge with you.

Next to our fictional characters you’ll get to know a real but equally colorful and hard working team of experts from many different disciplines at sofatutor. If you want to join us on our educational mission in 2023, we look forward to receiving your application via our website or via mail at jobs@sofatutor.com.

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