sofatutor Playground


In everything we do our goal is to provide learning with fun, that's why our logo is playful, fresh and recognizable.

Primary logo

Featuring the particular anatomy of the sofa icon and the sofatutor wordmark, our main logo is recognizable and is composed of a dominant dark green and a touch of bright green that acts as an accent. This version works best with white or light gray backgrounds.

Logo versions

In addition to our primary logo, we have two other versions that make our logo a flexible element for different branding purposes. The bright green version, which is a priority, is used on dark backgrounds and the white version is used on backgrounds that do not allow a good contrast with the bright green version.


Our green colors evoke motivation to tackle new goals or start over with something. Sometimes, the contrast with the black color allows us to strengthen our concentration and guides us.


HEX: #99CC00

RGB: 153, 204, 0

CMYK: 40, 0, 100, 0

Dark Green

HEX: #669900

RGB: 102, 153, 0

CMYK: 66, 18, 100, 4


HEX: #333333

RGB: 51, 51, 51

CMYK: 0, 10, 10, 90


In order to preserve the integrity of the logo, it is important that no other logos, type or other graphic elements infringe on its space. The minimum clearspace around the logotype is equivalent to 2x, as shown.

Smallest sizes use

To preserve the legibility of the logo, we have defined the minimum sizes for the printed and digital version of the logo as shown.

International logos

To deliver customized educational content to our markets in United Kingdom, Austria and Switzerland, we have differentiated with our market in Germany and United States by using .com as our official website.

When we use “sofatutor” and “”

We usually use when we mean the platform or talk about the company without the need for the legal form "GmbH" and we use sofatutor when it does not need to be emphasized that it is an online offer. On the other hand we use sofatutor GmbH when we refer to the company itself (mainly in B2B communication) and the legal form is required, e.g. when sending invoices or on letterhead.

Logo crimes

To ensure that our primary logo and its versions appear as consistently as possible in our communications, we have identified some ways in which we do not want our logo to be used.

Do not separate the sofa icon from the wordmark. They should always be treated as a whole.

Do not skew, rotate or stretch the logo.

Do not use colors that are not established for logo use.

Do not stylize the logo with outlines, glows, gradients or any other technique.

Do not use the logo on a green background or any other color that may compromise its contrast and legibility. A contrast ratio of 3:1 is required. For more information about contrast, check out our Accessibility Guidelines.

Do not place the logo over busy images, textures or patterns.

The sofa icon

The sofa icon represents one of the most comfortable places where you can learn with fun. Its particular anatomy allows for quick brand recognition and should be treated with the same guidelines as the logo. It can be used alone but it is advisable to accompany it with a corporate visual element.